Ladies in CRE invites you to join us as we adopt a room with Family Gateway!

Every child needs a warm bed.  Family Gateway is committed to ensuring that every child finds a safe and friendly environment waiting for them when they enter their program. The Adopt-a-Room program allows us to create the first impression for the children and their parents as they begin their road to self-sufficiency.  This room will provide them with stability that they have been lacking in their life and will encourage and empower them for a better life.

We have created a sign-up sheet so that we can ensure we have everything the family needs in their new home! We are also accepting VENMO donations which we will use to get anything additional that the family may need.

VENMO Donations: Ladies in CRE
Sign-up sheet, click 

Please bring the items you purchase to our happy hour March 1st or drop it by the following locations;

Megan McNulty – 14800 Quorum Drive, Suite 330, Dallas, Texas
Allison Rice – 150 Turtle Creek Blvd., Suite 205, Dallas, Texas
Allison Johnston – 3710 Rawlins St., Suite 1100, Dallas, Texas

Deadline for donations is March 15th!

For additional information please contact Allison Rice