Ladies in CRE hosted our 3rd Quarter event: “Celebrate Each Other” on Tuesday, October 27th on Zoom. It was sponsored by K2 Construction and Hart Advisors with the event proceeds going to Emily’s Place and Monogram Poster Ink. The event focused on The Sounding Board members/tribe: Tanya Hart Little with Hart Advisors, Kathy Mulgrew with Spencer Consulting Inc., Kennis Ketchum with Portfolio Development, LLC and Liz Trocchio Smith with The Trocchio Advantage. The Sounding Board is comprised of a group of women who rely on each other in their business, personal, and spiritual lives. They meet monthly to discuss business as it is a safe environment where NDAs are signed and they can give and receive advice, guidance, help, and prayer. It is invaluable to their lives and their friendships have deepened. Tanya let us know that we must “let your success be your success” and that we must all focus on ourselves to move our personal career paths forward. Liz made it clear that we must never be afraid to help other women and “don’t just take notes, take note and make yourself noticed.” Kathy made a point to say that “balance is when only one thing is out of balance” and to always take care of yourself because if you are in control everything else falls into place. Kennis said that “when people want to do business with you again that is when you know you have made it.” We now know how to start our own tribes and celebrate each other in our business, personal and spiritual lives thanks to our panel. We hope you will continue to consider Ladies in CRE your tribe and if you feel so inclined, start your own tribe!


Check out the full virtual HH here: