Thank you to everyone that came out to our 3rd quarter event. Our unbelievably talented guest speaker and the author of ‘Cinderella Has Cellulite’, Donna Arp Weitzman, talked to us about what it means to “Build Your Brand”.

As we navigate the professional world and try to make a name for ourselves in our fields we might ask, what does that mean to build your brand?

Donna, being a Harvard graduate, owner of multiple businesses, an Author (the list goes on) and most importantly a mother of two boys. She truly embodies what it means to be a #girlboss and has clearly mastered the art of building her brand.

Donna explained that building your brand starts with how you present yourself to the outside world. Donna explained that you need to be real and get over your phoniness. It’s okay to be vulnerable with others, including men, in order to show them that you are human. She also said, if you have weaknesses, be vulnerable because that will make you memorable. You also need to learn to be empathetic. Compassion for others will help you build your brand because people will remember that you show empathy. Finally, you need to take more action. If you don’t ever do anything, you might as well forget it because your actions are what make you relevant to others.

Think of YOURSELF as a BRAND. 


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